Smoothie Diagram

Smoothie Diagram
Sarah Wright 2017
Ink, Pencil, Photoshop

This is part of a series of visually deconstructed meals which seek to display ingredients in a reverent, almost religious way. This image is inspired by healthy living trends and new years resolutions. Once or twice a year, I will get a bee in my bonnet about smoothies and will be filling my blender on a daily basis with all sorts of combinations of fruits. Smoothies are great for people like me with sensitive teeth who don’t always want to bite into a whole fruit, but don’t want to miss out on the tasty goodness.

The process for creating this illustration is to draw with felt tip pens and graphite on a sheet of bristol board, scan the image, and then colorize it in photoshop. This has proven to be the most efficient process so I don’t get hung up on color choice in the layout and shading phases.

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