Dumpling Diagram

Dumpling Diagram
Sarah Wright 2017
Ink, Pencil, Photoshop

This is part of a series of visually deconstructed meals which seek to display ingredients in a reverent, almost religious way. This image is about the joy of dumplings, featuring ingredients for a Chinese dumpling known as Xiaolongbao which usually involve pork and cabbage in some way. I normally cook Japanese gyoza dumplings at home, but feeling inspired by Lunar New year, I wanted to illustrate a dumpling that more resembled a full moon.

The process for creating this illustration is to draw with felt tip pens and graphite on a sheet of bristol board, scan the image, and then colorize it in photoshop. This allows my to push and pull the contrast of values and color harmonies in post and relieves me of some of the stress that fills me when I try to create a watercolor painting.

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